While RDK represents activity on a large scale in the real estate and hospitality sector, the company also represents a large and diverse general trading portfolio across a number of sectors, in the form of joint venture agreements, locally established firms and agency representation of internationally recognized brands.

RDK is active in several sectors including, but not limited to construction, civil and architectural engineering, security, business consultancy, IT, commercial vehicles, shipping, travel and tourism, and is the exclusive distributor to an array of international companies.
Through its chairman Rashed Darwish bin Ahmed, RDK has been able to draw on decades of business experience in the region through its active relationship with the family business Darwish Bin Ahmed and Sons, which, since its formation in 1965 has grown to become one of the most successful family businesses in the gulf; in addition to the expert market insight of Mr. Al Ketbi who serves on a number of boards, and advisory committees following years of service in a senior government post.